About us

Who are we?

Hey Foxy! We are FOX ONE BREWING and we are really excited for the road we are about to travel down together. Fox One started in the turbulent year of 2021 when two very close friends who loved going out and socialising decided to put the always commented drunken idea into a real move when one returned home for good from his army career. 

We are from a Cwmbran! A Welsh town that's so unique and steep in Welsh industry history that we saw the big potential in the rapidly expanding  world of craft beer. Some said starting a business during 2020-21 is probably the most foolish thing you can do but we said NUTS! and poured a beer, planning our dreams for the future. Now we are a team of 5, who were the closest of friends even before the beer venture. An ex-soldier, a teaching assistant, a choir boy, merchandiser and a four legged Shepard.

The beer inspirations.

We knew we needed to be something different, we saw a big gap between classic traditional ales and the modern craft beer experimentation and then we thought, let's blend both, creating traditional beer styles that have ruled for hundreds of years but then to enhance the beer with a more modern twist. We did not want to full down the rabbit whole with crazy new styles, just dip our paws in but then to create instant classic with every drinker. 

We at Fox One love history and culture and we truly want to tell a story with every bottle of ours you pop. Each beer is inspired a tried and true style then we use unique period flavours to bring the drinking on a bubbly journey through land time. Drink with our mascots and listen to the music whilst you make memories with them.

The Short- term goal.

Make beer that we would drink and our friends would too. We knew the task if this would be difficult. We made sure we knew what we were talking about. Many books your bought, we attended educational courses and even worked along side another Welsh Brewery for tips and inspiration. 

A long with all the paper pushing side of things we are lock and loaded to get fresh Welsh made beer out to those who ask. We have a strong love for all for things local and gain all ingredients locally when we can, spend time with our beer, if one of our family and friends say "no", we start over. Get beer to the people. This is why all our postage is a low as it can be and we delivery free personally by us from Cardiff to Bristol.