What's the hold up?

We want to fill you in what's been happening and what to expect. 

The craft beer scene has exploded in popularity in recent years and we knew it'll be very challenging to try and make even the smallest gap for Fox One to build its Den but even with the few months we have been trading the Fox One team are so proud on where we have gotten to. 

Starting a hospitality and drinks business during the pandemic was probably not the smartest but definitely daring and that's what we want to be about in our small Welsh town of Cwmbran. Three beers in and one awarding winning, our small team of 3 are very grateful for all the support. 

So why have we been a little quiet in recent months? Simply and truthfully, we were setting groundlines and paper work with our overseers and taking in the heatwave to relax, spend time with family and think on where do we want to go. 

As the founder I am so excited to let you know what's planned in the very near future. 

More beer! We are going back into production with crisp lagers, milky cafe stouts, a revamp of Banzai Charge and something a little special. 

Living in Cwmbran? Check out our beer in locally owned pubs, try our beer on tap and even cask. 

The Orange Caps will return and this time they will stay. Accompanied by more amazing artwork from our Ukraine artist. 

Get our glassware in your hands and collect labels? We got you covered (you're going to need bigger frame) 

Thank you for everyone's support. Love your local like we do!