Our idea for creating Speakeasy Cwmbran

We need beer!

This is what we said to each other when coming up with a pathway on the short term evolution of Fox One Brewing. This was much harder than we initially thought however, with many new questions brought up in discussion such as; How will this be different? What would people like? How can use our brewing as a force for good?

We set a deadline. Starting a small business in the height of the pandemic was challenging but to also start a brewery in a currently populated industry was something we had to deeply think about. Our goal is to stay small so local people can have local beer as soon as they want them. With a vow of free and instant delivery we knew this would help. The next question was what kind of beer?

 Session Pale Ale.

There are so many different styles of beers we wanted to have a shot at but making something like a quadruple Eisbock would not be the best starting choice. Not only we needed a simple beer to help us personally with our margins but also we wanted to help people into the world of craft beer and use Fox One brewing as a stepping stone into their own personal craft beer discovery. A pilsner was first mentioned but we thought this to be best suited for a summer drink and liked the ideas more that came up with a Pale Ale.

With a large proportion of Pale malts available we had the idea of a Session Pale Ale. With no fuss added, our first beer would be at a perfect pint guzzling percentage that wouldn't turn away the craft-curious and still be exciting for those already exploring. A small portion of Munich what was also added for that traditional flavour profile, maize for a quenching golden glow. Amerillo is a very versatile hop that is relatively easy to come by and perfect for accompanying  other flavours without being too over-powering like other American grown hops. We also mixed this hop with a Japanese hop we were experimenting with that not many other brewers use. Sorachi Ace has a extremely strong lemony smell and taste and only a small amount was enough to add zest into any brew. To reflect its smell and taste the hop also has a yellow complexion. We fell for Sorachi Ace instantly.

Adding these two hops in the copper at two different intervals and finally dry hopping too gives the 3.9% beer a hoppy kick like a 6% beer. The beer was then conditioned in casks before being bottled. Later batches of Speakeasy Cwmbran would later have twists of lemon, orange and mandarin and be smoked for a more rustic unique flavour that we thought beer transports you to the roaring 20s.

The New Roaring 20s

We came up with the premise that every beer would be based and flavours and styles that would transport you to different places in the world and time when sipping at your home made bar and being the year 2020, we wanted to help bring the glitz and glamour back to this decade. Session Pale Ale was later changed to Prohibition Session Pale and we loved how the golden colours sparkled in your glass with rustic American tastes. 

Our label was designed to use assets of the 1920s and profile the beer within using golden colours, art-decor and rough jagged lines. Later on new labels we incorporated codes with music to listen to when your drink. The last bit was to include "Cwmbran" in the title. To show craft is back in Cwmbran and proudly tell those who drink our beer where we are from.